Odus Maggard – Southern Melody


Banjoist and songwriter Joseph Odus Maggard recorded for Decca and Victor in the late 1930’s. Originally from Perry County, Kentucky, Odus started picking the banjo when he was a young child.  His is a progressive type of grassroots music that has contributed to the vitality and creativity of what most people today think of as bluegrass. CD version contains booklet about Odus’s life and music.



Track Listing

  1. Banjo Bounce
  2. California Blues
  3. Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee
  4. When the Spring Roses are Blooming
  5. Dividing Line
  6. Banjo King Rag
  7. Tell Me What’s the Reason
  8. Under the Double Eagle
  9. I’ve Been Here a Long, Long Time
  10. Tribulation Days are Here
  11. At the Break of Dawn
  12. The Blue Birds are Singing for Me
  13. Tennessee Flash

Odus Maggard – vocals, banjo; Lois Fuller – vocals, guitar; Robert Carrier – bass; Jack Willis – fiddle; and Richard Hickman – fiddle.

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