John Harrod – Johnny Come Along



John Harrod was born and has lived in Kentucky for most of his life, and during this time has been documenting the traditional music styles of the State by sound recordings and film. In 1990 he donated the results of his 20 years of research to Berea College Special Collections & Archives. The collection comprises 200 audio field recordings and 88 video recordings of interviews and performances of several dozen Kentucky fiddlers, banjo players, and singers. Described on the Berea website as “an able musician”, the fifteen tracks he has chosen to play indicate he is more than that, in that he brings out the style and bowing technique of the older traditions to great effect. – Colin Tipping, Old Time News U.K.
John Harrod: Fiddle, Vocals
Tona Barkley: Guitar
Earl Thomas Jr.: Banjo
Jesse Wells: Banjo
Recorded by Jesse Wells at the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music at Morehead State University, Dan Atkins at the Electric Trombone in Frankfort, KY, and Dan Murphy at Group Effort Studio in Erlanger, KY.
Mixed and mastered by Dan Murphy at Group Effort Studio.
Track Listing:
2. Earl Thomas’ Boatin’ up Sandy
3. The Roosian Rabbit
4. Granny Went to Meeting
5. Little Boy Working on the Road
6. The O&k Train Song
7. Manassas
8. Shoe Heels Cracking on the Floor
9. Israel Gap
10. Owl Hoot
11. Man Eater
12. Hickory Jack
13. Johnny Come Along
14. Black Jack
15. Wild Hog in the Red Bresh
16. Swing Your Object Partner
17. The Greenup Piece
18. Rats Gone to Rest
19. Gallynippers
20. George Hawkins’ Boatin’ up Sandy
21. Bye and Bye
22. Martha Campbell

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