Letcher County Culture Hub

Hub Info:

Letcher County Culture Hub is a growing collaboration among community centers, artist and artisan organizations, business associations, volunteer fire departments, elected officials, government and educational organizations, and local for- and nonprofit corporations, convened and facilitated by community organizers at Appalshop.

Creating the relationships, knowledge, and media to bring the county together and guide our work forward.


Appalachian Media Institute, Appalshop Archive, Roadside Theater

Artist and Artisan Organizations

Supporting professional and amateur artists of all generations, opening up new markets through educational and public art events, and building commerce and tourism around cultural activity.


EpiCentre Arts, Blackey area arts/tourism

Community Centers

Bringing communities together to celebrate cultural assets and build community wealth through cultural events, educational programs, and entrepreneurial opportunities.


Campbell’s Branch Community Center, Carcassonne Community Center, Cowan Community Center, Hemphill Community Center

Health and Agriculture Organizations

Improving citizens’ health and work-readiness, building a market for local food produces, and creating gathering spaces that combine creativity, entrepreneurship, and health.


Letcher County Farmers’ Market, Community Agricultural and Nutritional Enterprises, Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation

National Research Partners

Collaborating to build a new national model of grassroots cultural and economic development.


Imagining America, Economic Empowerment and Global Learning Project

Private Sector Organizations

Working together to create the conditions for wealth creation through building new local businesses, supporting existing ones, employing citizens with a wide range of skills, and promoting the region through civic activity, festivals, and partnerships with government and higher education.


Downtown Whitesburg Retail Assocation, Mountain Tech Media

Volunteer Fire Departments

Building community and culture across the county, including many places other institutions cannot reach. Provide essential services to residents and organize large-scale cultural events including meals, concerts, dances, and an annual bluegrass festival to bring residents together and build local assets and wealth.


Kings Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Mayking Volunteer Fire Department, Sandlick Volunteer Fire Department