Appalshop Films Featured at the Southern Appalachian
Independent Film Festival in Kingsport, TN October 28, 30 and 31.


Thursday October 28 6:25 pm at the Kingsport Renaissance

The Electricity Fairy directed by Tom Hansell 2010, 52 minutes

Coal produces half of America’s electricity, according to
the Federal Department of Energy.  The energy policy currently before
Congress identifies coal as a key to America’s “energy
independence.”  The Electricity Fairy is a documentary that examines
America’s national addiction to fossil fuels through the lens of
electricity.  Appalshop Filmmaker Tom Hansell follows the story of a
proposed coal-fired power plant in the mountains of southwest Virginia,
connecting the local controversy to the national debate over energy
policy.  Present day documentary footage is remixed with old educational
films, connecting past policy to America’s current energy crisis.



Saturday, October 30 at 10 am in the Kingsport Public

Three youth produced films from Appalshop’s Appalachian
Media Institute

Searching for an Appalachian Accent by Charity Quillen and Kelli
Caudill 2002, 17 minutes

Searching for an Appalachian Accent explores how traditional
culture and ways of speaking have been stigmatized both by people from eastern Kentucky
who feel compelled to drop their accent and by those from outside the region
who don’t question stereotypes about hillbillies.


Mayfield by Jake Sexton, Brittany Mullins, Ashleigh Johnson, and
Keyana Polly 2009, 12 minutes

Former professional boxer Mayfield Pennington returns home
to Pikeville, Kentucky and finds that it’s youth is in serious need for a
positive outlet. With the help of the community, Mayfield raises the funds to
provide a creative alternative to keeping the local kids off the streets and
away from drugs in this central Appalachian city.


Gathering Akin by
Cecily Howell, Steven Hall, Cheyenne Thomas, and Barry Jensen 2010, 14 minutes

Though every collector is different, they share one
commonality which is passion. Gathering Akin looks into the lives of three
unique individuals, their beloved collections, and why these collections are so
important to preserving the our cultural and heritage.



Sunday, October 31 at 4pm in the Kingsport Public Library

From Wood to Singing Guitar directed by Shawn Lind, 2009 32

Heritage Award Concert - Sweet Georgia BrownNestled near the foot of Mount
Rogers is the small town of Rugby, Virginia.  It is here that one can find the home and workshop of Wayne C. Henderson, the master musician and master luthier who has made guitars for the likes of Doc Watson and Eric Clapton.
Wayne was generously taught and encouraged by those around him. Learning
much more than just guitar building and playing, Wayne continues to do the same for the younger generations.



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