Charlie Stamper Releases Debut Album at 84 on June Appal Recordings

JA-087 Front Cover

“Charlie & J.D. exhibit the kind of effortless joy that Old Time music is built around. It makes you want to jump up, refill your jar, and shout for them to ‘play another one!’”
– Morgan Jahnig, Old Crow Medicine Show


“I was the first one in the family to play the fiddle and I was the first one to play on the radio. My dad [Hiram Stamper] played fiddle, banjo, and French harp, which is what we called a harmonica. I remember when I was five or six, I would sit on the floor between his legs as he played the fiddle, his big foot keeping time as it hit the boards.”
– Charlie Stamper (Fiddler magazine Vol. 18 No. 4)

Indeed, as soon as you hear Charlie sawing away at the first few notes of this record, you’re likely to be transported back to the Stamper family homestead in the hills of Knott County, Kentucky, from which this music came.  Charlie and his music embody this land and its spirit, harkening back to a time when these old familiar tunes played a pivotal role in people’s everyday life.

At 84-years young, Charlie Stamper is as spry a fiddle player as Knott County has ever produced. Glory to the Meeting House consists of the first recordings ever released by this master musician and brother to Bluegrass Hall of Famer Art Stamper. This album features 29 tracks of solo fiddle, mouth bow, and string band music, representing the finest in the East Kentucky tradition.
A true cultural treasure, Glory to the Meeting House combines exceptional tunes with Charlie’s stories of growing up and playing music in the Appalachian mountains. Charlie Stamper may well be our country’s best unknown fiddler, and this album represents an unprecented glimpse into this deep-rooted musical heritage that is uniquely Kentucky.

Glory to the Meeting House is available online as a CD or digital download at

Charlie Stamper – Fiddle, mouth bow & vocals
J.D. Wilkes – Banjo
Josh Coffey – Mandolin
Nathan Blake Lynn – Guitar
Ray Wyatt – Guitar on tracks 15 & 19
Kelly Layne Hendrickson – Gutbucket on track 29.  Produced by J.D. Wilkes & Josh May.
Recorded Jan. 2014 at Charlie’s home in Cadiz, Kentucky by Kelly Layne Hendrickson. Mastered by Josh May.

1. Cattle in the Cane
2. We Were a Big Family
3. Glory to the Meeting House
4. Lookin’ for Horse Hair
5. Leather Britches
6. Kitchen Girl
7. Frosty Morning
8. He Just Liked It
9. Sally Goodin
10. Buck Creek Girls
11. Midnight on the Water
12. Old Joe Clark
13. Cruel Willie
14. About the Stamper Blues
15. Stamper Blues
16. You Never Bought a Block of Rosin
17. Sourwood Mountain
18. Margaret’s Waltz
19. Young Edward
20. Charlie’s Hornpipe
21. Arkansas Traveler
22. Wood Chopper’s Reel
23. That Stick with a String on It
24. The Girl I Left Behind Me (Mouth Bow)
25. The Girl I Left Behind Me
26. Tennessee Waltz (Mouth Bow)
27. Drunken Billy Goat
28. My First Instrument
29. Glory to the Meeting House (Reprise)