Appalshop Gallery


For the months of March and April, the artist on display in the Appalshop Gallery will be Donna Williams. Donna is a found object artist from Floyd County, KY. She works in both 2D and 3D, light and dark, creating bright, inspiring, and sometimes chaotic paintings but also grim and painful sculpture. This is what she has to say about her work:

“The process of taking objects apart, of breaking them down to rearrange them is an attempt to navigate issues that sometimes feel out of control and difficult to comprehend. Ripping heads off dolls, or symbolically shoving nails through a heart are an effort to solve problems of the heart, social justice, and spirituality. Each piece is something of a self-portrait and an approach to live life closer to Earth. By re-purposing objects and giving them new life, it makes my soul a little greener and my head a little clearer.”

The closing reception for Donna’s show will be from 6-8pm on Friday, April 26th in the Appalshop Gallery. For a look at her work, visit her Facebook page: