Appalshop Archive to Show Rare Civilian Conservation Corps Film in Louisville


On Tuesday, September 23, 2014 from 12 noon to 1pm the Appalshop Archive will be at the Filson Historical Society’s Oxmoor Farm to present a recently preserved film documenting the Civilian Conservation Corps in Pine Mountain State Park in 1938. The 24-minute silent film will be shown with contextual narration and a discussion will follow.  

Earlier this year the Archive preserved a donated 16mm b/w print documenting a CCC camp located near the coal mining community of Pineville, Kentucky. Shot in 1938 by then-Park supervisor Carl Zody, the film shows Camp SP-10 workers mixing and laying concrete for roads, operating heavy machinery and tools, using explosives to loosen rock, cutting native sandstone, and laying stone in construction of a bridge. The film also shows the officers, foremen, and enrollees at the camp’s barracks.

In addition to its standing as the only-known moving image record of Camp SP-10 activity in Pineville, the film document is unique because it is raw footage shot by a Park employee rather than by federal agencies intending to promote the CCC program to the public.