Appalshop Celebrates 50 Years in New York & Boston | April 2019


From a Library of Congress 50th Symposium to Speed Cinema events in Kentucky’s largest art museum throughout 2019, Appalshop’s 50th Anniversary celebration is off to a beautiful start. Appalshop family and five decades worth of artistic partnerships are coming together to make this Golden Anniversary one that touches as many places and people as possible. We’re sure to be celebrating near you over the next year or two! In April 2019, Appalshop artists, staff, former staff, donors, funders, and friends are celebrating our 50th year in New York City and Boston, MA, as an Atlantic Renewal Award Finalist.


April 5–7, 2019 | Appalshop at Brooklyn Folk Festival157 Montague St, Brooklyn, with June Appal performances, Appalshop films, and workshops

April 6, 2019 | Exec. Director Alex Gibson Talks Policy at Harvard Kennedy School Black Policy Conference, 79 John F. Kennedy St. Cambridge, MA

April 7, 2019 | Appalshop at 50 House Party in Park Slope, Brooklyn  with live performance and place-based media, 4-7 PM | RSVP for Address

April 9 , 2019 | Appalshop at 50 House Party in Jamaica Plain, Boston with live performance and place-based media, 6 – 9 PM | RSVP for Address

When exactly is Appalshop’s 50th Anniversary, you might ask. When isn’t the 50th!? We have much to celebrate! Appalshop opened its small office in downtown Whitesburg in September of 1969, thanks to Bill and Josephine Richardson and funding from the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity. This means we’re marking our birthday later in 2019 and running the celebration through Fall 2020. A milestone like this one is too rare to let slip by quickly. As we continue to move, learn, and grow with arts, culture, and education partners across the globe, its clear that 50 years is no small victory.

Starting September 2018 in D.C., our public celebrations are all over the country through 2020, including upcoming events in New York and Boston this April with live music from The Local Honeys. From sleek 50th branding to a new film launching and reunions this Fall, there is much in store to spotlight Appalshop and bring people together. You can hear perspectives from a few artists and Appalshop’s founding generation describing our first quarter of 50th events in Lexington and Louisville on this WMMT Mountain Talk. Our next Appalshop at 50 Mountain Talk Series will air live on April 1 at 6 pm. As WMMT is quick to remind us, “no matter how far you go, you always want to come home”. This is why we have our largest Appalshop 50th celebrations planned right here in Kentucky in 2020.


March 12-15, 2020 | Appalshop at 50 in Lexington, KY with partners Appalachian Studies Association & West Sixth Brewery

June 5-7, 2020 | Appalshop at 50 in Whitesburg, KY for our annual arts festival, Seedtime on the Cumberland

Whether soon or later, we look forward to celebrating with you. This year’s Seedtime on the Cumberland, June 7-8, will be a perfect time to visit and see some exciting new things at Appalshop! We’ll be set up at most monthly Speed Cinema events this year and we’d love to come to your community if you’re interested in hosting an Appalshop at 50 House Party! Start supporting Appalshop’s 50th today with a gift, setting up a sustaining donation, or making a multi-year pledge. We are also a Pay It Forward Porter recipient for West Sixth Brewing through June 2019, so if you’re in Kentucky, drinking West Sixth’s Cocoa Porter pays!