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Appalshop films explore the culture and social concerns of Appalachia and rural America from the perspectives of those who have lived it. Our catalog of over 100 documentary films (with 40 streaming online and more on the way!) represents the largest body of work of its kind in existence focused entirely on Appalachian culture and issues. We invite you to reimagine Appalachia and support Appalshop by purchasing a subscription to our online media portal.

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Anne Braden: Southern Patriot

Release Year: 2012
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Anne Braden: Southern Patriot is a first person documentary about the extraordinary life of this American civil rights leader. Braden was hailed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his 1963 Letter from Birmingham Jail as a white southerner whose rejection of her segregationist upbringing was “eloquent and prophetic. Ostracized as a “red” in the…

Beyond Measure: Appalachian Culture and Economy

Release Year: 1995
Stream for $2.99

There is a constant tension between the forces of an ever changing economy and need to have stable communities. All communities must have an economic base, yet changes in economic conditions can devastate a community. As technologies change, workers can lose their jobs and whole communities can be left without a stable source of income.…

Buffalo Creek Revisited

Release Year: 1985
Stream for $2.99

Filmed ten years after the flood, Buffalo Creek Revisited looks at the second disaster on Buffalo Creek, in which the survivors’ efforts to rebuild the communities shattered by the flood are thwarted by government insensitivity and a century-old pattern of corporate control of the region’s land and resources. Through the statements of survivors, planners, politicians,…

Catfish Man of the Woods

Release Year: 1974
Stream for $2.99

Clarence “Catfish” Gray is a fifth-generation herb doctor living near Glenwood, West Virginia. In this day-in-the-life visit, Catfish reads letters from around the world seeking health advice, gathers herbs and roots from the woods around his house, receives visitors, and, finally, relaxes by skinny-dipping in a nearby stream. Running throughout the film is Catfish’s constant…


Release Year: 1975
Stream for $2.99

Chairmaker follows 80-year-old Dewey Thompson from Sugarloaf Hollow, Kentucky, as a rough-hewn rocking chair takes form under his experienced hands and well-worn knife. But this “how-to” film is as much about how to live as it is about how to make a chair. Thompson’s philosophy and insights into his character are gently interwoven with the…