“Appalshop is a unsentimental exercise in authenticity.”

– Pat Aufderheide, In These Times


Since 1969, Appalshop has been enacting cultural organizing and place-based media, arts and education to document the life, celebrate the culture, and voice the concerns of people living in Appalachia and rural America.

We’re helping to reimagine our region by bringing forth new and often unheard voices and visions from the people of this place and demonstrating the power of arts and culture to create meaningful social and economic change.

We present stories that commercial media doesn’t tell, challenge stereotypes, support grassroots efforts to achieve justice and equity, and celebrate cultural diversity as a positive social value.

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Coal miners, fast-food workers, prisoners, truck drivers, community activists, high school students, teachers, musicians, and artists continue to articulate compelling solutions for a better way of life for their families, their communities, and their country. Appalshop amplifies these voices through a variety of media productions, public presentations and educational projects, including film, video, radio, new media, music, theater, and community exchanges.

Located in the heart of the central Appalachian coalfields, Appalshop houses an art gallery, 150-seat theater, community radio station, regional archive, and media production and training facilities. Appalshop is a private, non-profit organization supported with funds from public agencies, foundations, corporations, and many individuals – like you.

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