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“Life’s a Fight” documents the issue of bullying, and how the landscape has evolved from not only the schoolyard, but to the internet as well. In this film we hear stories from teachers, parents, victims, and a group of average teens who decided to take a stand.

AMI, Summer 2012
Produced by: Kennedi Caldwell, Christian Chadwell, Brian Dunn, and Nkengafac “Beck” Lekealem

AMI, Summer 2002. “Searching…” explores the stigma attached to regional dialects from those both within the area, and outside. Produced by Charity Quillen and Kelli Caudill.

The significance of family, community, and supportive relationships for gays and lesbians who live in rural Kentucky are highlighted in this rare discussion of life experiences in the region.  The video explores the tensions between remaining connected to family and community roots while also remaining true to one’s sexual identity.

Produced by Charles Cupp, Danielle Burke, Brittany Rowlette, and April Caudill.
AMI, 1999. Running time: 13 minutes and 40 seconds.

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