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Written and directed by Eli Gover.

Spring 2012.

AMI is proud to announce the official kickoff of the 2012 Spring Media Lab this Tuesday, February 28th. As you know, our media labs vary in subject matter and focus each term. This lab in particular is highly unique as we will be taking a break from our typical documentary format and instead focusing on dramatic shorts.

Participating interns are: Mikie Burke, Eli Gover, AJ Hamilton, Dillon Fisher, and Katelyn Sexton.

Interns will be working with a variety of specialized mentors including Appalshop filmmakers Herby Smith and Robert Salyer, AMI and UPike staffer Bruce Parsons, and the very talented Frankie Taylor – all of which will no doubt lend an immense amount of knowledge and experience to our young crew.

This program will run for the next 10 weeks, ending in early May.

AMI, Spring 2010
Running Time: 04:23

“Gordon” is a short film concerning the daily toil and stewardship of a small mountain estate.

Produced by: Miranda Couch and Jake Sexton

AMI, Spring 2010
Running Time: 02:19

“Golden Apple” is a short look into the world of small-town greenhouses and fruit markets, as told by the proprietor of the eponymous establishment.

Produced by: Courtney Worley

AMI, Spring 2010
Running Time: 03:29

In this short film, producer Cleveland Smith gives us a brief introduction to the Family Resource & Youth Services Center in Cordia, KY.

Produced by: Cleveland Smith

AMI, Spring 2010
Running Time: 01:46

Within an abandoned building, “The Echoes of Youth” reveals an unexpected plethora of youth art from times past.

Produced by: Kayla Slone

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