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AMI, Summer 2007
Running Time: 11:43

In “Say it Louder” three very different groups of teenagers show that you don’t have to be an adult to be active in your community.  With creativity and determination, they are making mountain communities more dynamic places to be a teenager.

Produced by: Chelcia Widner, Mikie Burke, Tiffany Dixon, and Chris Sturgill.

Through personal stories, “True Cost of Coal” explores the mark the coal industry has left on eastern Kentucky communities, and what the next phase of the industry, “coal-to-liquid,” may mean to coalfield communities.

Produced by Willa Johnson, Nikki King, and Brittany Hunsaker.
AMI, Summer 2007. Runtime: 13 minutes and 22 seconds.

Aired November 2006
AMI Producer Autumn Campbell’s audio commentary on the issues facing rural voters was featured on NPR’s Day to Day during the 2006 election season.

Here’s an excerpt from her commentary:

“This is my first time voting and I’ll be doing it as a swing voter, whatever that means.  People like me in rural parts of the country are supposed to make a big difference.  So maybe politicians running for Congress will pay more attention to eastern Kentucky this year.

So, until I registered to vote, I always thought local officials took care of everything. I never thought once about who represented me in Congress, or in state government.  It seemed to me, Letcher County, like many rural places, was invisible to these higher elected officials.  The only time this part of the country gets attention is when we have devastating mine disasters.”

LISTEN to Autumn’s piece at NPR

Read a transcript and see more photos at Youth Radio


6 minutes

Produced by: Cody Bryant, Tabitha Johnson, Brittany Lamb, Samantha Collier, and Jordan Frazier.

In this personal and impressionistic piece April Brown reflects on her father’s relationship to the GMC truck he rebuilt from scrap as his health deteriorates from an unknown disease.

2005, 6 minutes

April Brown

Summer, 2003. “Old Ways…” explores the dynamic between an ever-increasing reliance of consumer culture, and the long-standing traditions of Appalachian self-sufficiency.

Produced by Chris Archer and Mary Profit.

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