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AMI, Spring 2010
Running Time: 03:29

In this short film, producer Cleveland Smith gives us a brief introduction to the Family Resource & Youth Services Center in Cordia, KY.

Produced by: Cleveland Smith

AMI, Spring 2010
Running Time: 02:14

“Courtney” explores the personal transition from urban to rural, and the unexpected love for a new land, with this brief bio-pic of a young woman.

Produced by: Mikie Burke, Jake Sexton, Cleveland Smith, and Miranda Couch.

AMI, Spring 2010
Running Time: 01:52

“Copperhead” is a destination collage featuring a variety of scenery and driving shots along the lush Copperhead Road.

Produced by: Chris Sturgill

AMI, Spring 2010
Running Time: 07:26

“A Friend of Yours…” explores one man’s observations of Southeastern Kentucky and the stereotypes he’s experienced both as an individual, and resident of Appalachia.

Produced by Kayla Slone.

Back Home focuses on the families and communities that  must deal with the absence of loved ones who have gone to war.  Dealing specifically with small communities and the Iraq War, the documentary uses personal stories from former soldiers, family members of soldiers, and other community members to portray the effects of war on those at home and the ways they cope with the absence.

2008, 12 minutes.

Jake Sexton, AJ Hamilton, Robert Mullins and Tyler Short.

Mountain Majesty explores the historical, sometimes violent, resistance of women in Eastern Kentucky to destruction of their land because of strip mining.  Highlighting the unique connection mountain women feel with the land, the piece focuses on the efforts of one woman, Alice Slone, to save the land and the people.

2008, 11 minutes

Courtney Worley, Marlena Branson, Meghan Sexton, and Tiffany Dixon.

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