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AMI, Spring 2010
Running Time: 02:19

“Golden Apple” is a short look into the world of small-town greenhouses and fruit markets, as told by the proprietor of the eponymous establishment.

Produced by: Courtney Worley

AMI, Spring 2010
Running Time: 02:14

“Courtney” explores the personal transition from urban to rural, and the unexpected love for a new land, with this brief bio-pic of a young woman.

Produced by: Mikie Burke, Jake Sexton, Cleveland Smith, and Miranda Couch.

AMI, Spring 2010
Running Time: 02:30

“Biodiesel in the Mountains” introduces us to a young man in Central Appalachia who is developing a unique business model — a mobile biodiesel production facility.

Produced by Mikie Burke.

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