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May 2012

The Spring 2012 Narrative Short Lab finished Friday, May 18th.  This semester AMI really pushed itself.  Not only was this  the first time we dared something as experimental as fictional shorts but we did so with a grueling schedule.  In ten weeks we had four interns individually write, cast, film and edit their pieces.   Each and every film created is so original and truly shows the talent and creativity of the young people we have the privilege to work with.


Below are the films produced this semester.

You can see Eli Gover’s movie here-

Mikie Burke’s movie here-

Katelyn Sexton’s movie here-

Dillon Fisher’s movie here-

Written and directed by Eli Gover.

Spring 2012.

Written and directed by Mikie Burke.

Spring 2012.

Written and directed by Katelyn Sexton.

Spring 2012.

Written and Directed by Dillon Fisher.

Spring 2012.

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